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Porto - Portugal

Year: 2022

Scope: Decorating and Furnishing a building of four unique

apartments for a boutique hotel -short rental purposes.

A captivating transformation of a 17th-century building into an exquisite boutique hotel - alojamento local - nestled in the heart of downtown, just a stone's throw away from Clérigos Tower in Porto. This remarkable endeavour resulted in four distinctive apartments: a Studio with a street view, two duplex apartments with one bedroom each, and a triplex main house boasting two bedrooms and a serene back garden view.

Our interior design services breathed life into these spaces, expertly furnishing and preparing all four apartments for short-term rentals. Embracing a minimal Mediterranean style, we artfully curated each interior, allowing the original architecture to shine while accentuating its charm with tasteful accessories. The outcome is nothing short of spectacular, a truly captivating project that marries history with modern elegance.

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