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City Projects
Renovation and interior design projects in Portugal

Location: Porto - Portugal

Year: 2022 -2023

Scope: T4 luxury Penthouse Interior Design, Material selection, Furniture selection and Home Staging and site supervision.

House design, home staging, iterior design, construction company portugal, Penthouse terrace and interior design and furnishing in portugal

Location: Porto - Portugal

Year: 2022

Scope: T2 apartment full interior Renovation / Materials Procurement/ Property Development 

design de interior, remodelacao e design de interiores, carpentaria, por medida, full interior renovation entrance wall cladding and ceiling and flooring and lighting_edit

Location: Porto - Portugal

Year: 2021

Scope: Studio Renovation Airbnb renovation/ Interior Design / Materials & Furniture Procurement /Property Development 

Alojamento local home staging, design de inetriores, remodelação e design de interiores para alojamento localT0 studio interior design and renovation - furniture selection - porto.jpg

Location: Porto - Portugal

Year: 2022

Scope: A serviced apartments of Four different typologies, Soft renovation and Furnishing Airbnb Project

Boutique hotel furnishing and interior design

Location: Maia - Portugal

Year: 2022

Scope: House Renovation, Interior Design /  Materials selection & Procurement / Interior Fit-out/kitchen renovation/ bathroom renovation

Kitchen renovation, remodelação da cozinha

Location: Porto - Portugal

Year: 2020

Scope: Real estate development/ several apartments with different typologies / Interior Design / Materials Procurement / Property Development 

construction company in portugal, Modern bedroom interior design - Porto.jpg
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