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Penthouse terrace and interior design and furnishing in portugal

Renovation & Fitout


Hearts & Minds
focused on your idea

Prior to any collaborative endeavour, our story begins in Budapest in 2008 when two like-minded entrepreneurs embarked on a remarkable journey together. This journey was one of continuous learning and adaptation to diverse cultures, encompassing the experience of living and working in five different countries. It extended to the development and execution of projects in numerous other nations, involving the artful design of various styles and emotions to breathe life into interior spaces. With a creative eye, we delved into materials and furnishings, customising each element to suit the personality of every project, all while paying meticulous attention to detail. The genesis and purpose of MF Interiors and Fit-Out defy a simple decision taking; instead, it is a product of the extraordinary, rich, and undoubtedly unique fusion of work and life experiences from Joao and Nesreen.

Muhtaseb & Ferreira



  • Concept & Design creation;

  • Layout Planning;

  • Workshop Drawings;

  • Material selection;

  • Furniture Selection;

  • 3D Rendering;

  • Execution and renovation of residential or commercial projects;

  • Kitchen Renovation;

  • Bathroom Renovation;

  • Turn-key solutions;

  • Site Supervision and Consultation;

  • Furniture selection and Procurement

  • Supply customised furniture and joinery to residential, commercial and hospitality projects.

  • Production Supervision: Specifications & quality control;

  • Style & Concept Creation;

  • Furniture & Accessories Selection & Arrangement;

  • Furniture & Accessories Procurement & Supply;

  • Guidance & Orientation while planning and/or executing your project;

  • Real Estate Investment;

  • Client Representation;

  • Site Supervision;


Praceta de São Pedro, nº 51

1º andar, Afurada,

4400-584 Vila Nova de Gaia


Cell +351 925 195 580 or

       +351 960314678

(National mobile network call - Chamada para a rede móvel nacional)

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