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Muscat - Oman

Year: 2018

Scope: Interior Design, Material selection, Site Supervision, Furniture and Accessories Procurement and Supply.

A restaurant / coffeeshop with a total area of 800sqm including the Kitchen that serves other 5 branches in different locations. The restaurant has various entrances to 4 different zones. Front entrance to the main area which merges the industrial design with an oriental touch of accessories, Side entrance for the Private dining areas, Back entrance to the interior garden with a touch of vintage vases filled with various interior plants, back side entrance to the non-smoking dining area and Finally the outdoor area! 

The supervision of the execution and the procurement of the material and furniture was a mix of various manufacturers and material providers locally and internationally. Customised handmade Furniture, such as the counter, artistic paint and wooden doors. restaurant furniture was customised from China, Wallpaper procured purchased from Belgium, and USA.

With its design, management and mainly its delicious Lebanese food and Shisha the Lebanese Village restaurant and cafe has turned to one of the most successful restaurants/cafe in Muscat and despite its size there is a waiting list for its interior garden and terrace! 

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